Fashion Weekly 

June is a month that is the most intense, the heat is always at its highest with random rain, weather like this makes you want to just throw anything on which is very risky. The two women and men looks created are looks that are perfect colors and styles  for the sunny weather. 

Heather! Heather is a girl that loves her pascales and strappy heels. This look is perfect for afternoon brunches and even a few evening events. Heather features a pale pink off the shoulder top, moto front button mini skirt, nude strappy heel, pouch hand bag, a denim chicken with rose gold accessories. 

Henderson! He doesn’t have any issue at all with expressing himself, he does it through his outfits. This is a look that is meant to honor pride with the bold colors and rainbow sneakers. Henderson features an off white and pink tie dye tshirt, slim fit ripped denim jeans, paint rainbow splash sneakers, powder blue card holder, silver double chain, star earrings and a rose gold watch. 

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