NEW DISS: DreamDoll bodies Tory Lanez with “On Your Head”

maxresdefaultIn a recent beef between Don Q & Tory Lanez, Bad Girls Club member and current Love and Hip Hop cast member DreamDoll was caught in the crossfire. Listen to the Tory Lanez diss below titled “Don Queen“. The song was a response to Don Q.’s “This Is Your King

Many outlets like XXL, VH1, Vibe, Rap-Up and many more urban media outlets are saying is a standout track for DreamDoll. The 26-year-old gets pretty explicit in her diss. From accusing him of wearing wigs, hair paint and being over-hyped; DreamDoll leaves no avails in this diss record. She even goes on to say that Lanez, wanted a threesome… with another man. Hear the record below:

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