Spring 2017: Stripes

     Although it’s not quite Spring yet its always great to walk into a new season with a bang! A trend for Spring/Summer 2017 will be stripes. To some stripes may not seem like a trend at all, rather just simply a pattern.

On the runway stripes were done in various sizes and color; which is the main focus, color. You can make a statement in stripes by wearing a matching set or even paring different colored striped head to toe whether they are horizontal or vertical stripes.

     When considering pairing stripes head to toe keep in mind that horizontal stripes will make things appear wider to the eye and the size of the stripe can also make your silhouette appear bigger. Vertical stripes can elongate your frame, but still keep in mind the size of the stripe. When it comes to patterns it’s all about illusion, and when done right can look flattering on anybody type.

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