#ICYMI NEW BEGINNINGS: Indie Rappers turnout Trocadero Show

cprt-uzwcaaz9diIn Philadelphia on Friday August 12th, the Trocadero showcased various indie rappers from the Delaware Valley area. the show featured AP The Plan, Stevie Rogers w/ Henry Stuart, Astro 8000, WhoAmI, Salvation, Tawobi & Ken Masters.

Chant Magazine’s Darrol Noah, showed up to the event & managed to muster up some artsy still works. The show was an experience & Chant encourages indie fans to purchase tickets for your favorite local underground talent to turn into a success story. TawobiEach artist had a set list of three or more songs, some performing completely fresh material. The performances by Chant online alumni like Tawobi & WhoAmI aka Teddy Hinson were packed with energy getting the crowd excited for its main acts.

AP THE PLAN15 year-old duo, AP The Plan, wowed the crowd with high energy and really loosened the crowd up to have a good time. The young team really represented well for the young musicians.The stage was set for artist like Salvation, who were creating a more empowering motif while Astro 8000 and Ken Masters swagged the whole audience. Listen to some of AP below:

WhoAmITeddy Hinson came to the stage under his new alias WhoAmI. Adding just the right amount of enigmatic properties to the show left fans asking themselves in excitement who was he?

All and all over the course of the night the rappers got to express their newest material for their core audiences. The  house was full and everyone had a great time. .Looking for more events like this one? Go to http://www.thetroc.com/ to see more upcoming events of your favorite indie acts.

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