The Queen’s Court turns into the Joker’s Junkyard? Khia & TS Madison part ways (MESSY)

 A few short weeks ago, the popular YouTube and Facebook show The Queens Court began falling apart. The show hosted by rapper & songwriter Khia (aka Thug Misses) and ex-porn star and Logo TV personality, TS Madison was scheduled to do an interview with Oscar winner and comedian Mo’nique. You may remember Monique from BET’s Comic View, Soul Plane, and her award-winning role in the movie Precious. The women were set to air the show but due to technical difficulties and equipment issues the interview never happened: resulting in a plethora of chaos. Khia ended up leaving the set, forcing TS Madison to host the show alone. Khia then returned only to argue with the comedian / actress. Khia then abandoned TS Madison and forced her to continue to facade to their fans for the next few days as to why Khia was not speaking to her.

This put a strain on things for the two, who are known for being in sync and having a great dynamic on camera. Once the gig was up and rolling again, the duo were scheduled to appear at a show in Washington, DC for Xavier Entertainment & Impulse DC but Khia was not yet paid for the event & felt as though she did not need to show up.  After TS Madison put money out of her own pocket to make sure the show went on, the two showed up late and turned the party. Following the performance, Khia took to Instagram live to talk about The Queens Court, the state of the show and this is where the drama unfolded.

Khia went on to speak on her counterpart and began to slander her publicly. For an hour and 30 minutes Khia discredited her cohost calling her a thief, claiming that her cohost had stole The Queens Court from her because she went and got it copyrighted under her name and not Khia’s. She went on to explain how she was an artist who could not be bought and even had a few choice words for Youtuber, Funky Dineva. The most notable highlight of her video was the direct disrespect for the LGBT community; which had been extremely supportive of The Queen’s Court & it’s success.

Khia rebutted comments reminiscent of “gays are sick” and that she had men who were concerned about her associating myself with gays, in which she replied smugly “it’s just a job”. The “My Neck, My Back” rapper went on to use homophobic slurs like “punks” and “fags” to address her fans and those who’ve supported her in the past.

In response, TS Madison created a video to clear her name, claiming that the only reason why she had it copyrighted what’s the go forward with the TV deal that was connected to them through Nicki Minaj. TS was contact by Bunim & Murry Production company and was in a panic to get the show off the ground thus resulting in her hasty business moves. Although some could assume Madison was ill-intentioned, she made clear and reiterated that she loves Khia and wants nothing but to do right by her.  Soon after Madison dropped her video, Impulse DC decided to issue an apology to their party goers & supporters. They posted a video from one of their spokesman & president, Devin Barrington Ward, as well as an official letter (read it below).

Who do you think was in the right? Khia or TS Madison?

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