Fashion Weekly 

The weather is finally giving us what we’ve been needing, out with the cold in with the heat, since weather is heating our outfits will as well, I will be giving you a women and a men look to give you ideas on how to accommodate this weather 

Elisa Is A Very Spontaneous Girl When It Comes To Fashion, Not Afraid To Make Bold Statements, Her Loose Fitted Boyfriend Jeans Will Keep Her Fashionable and Comfortable In The Warm Weather. Elisa Features A Dark Tan Cami, Badge Boyfriend Jeans, Honey Yellow Pumps, Pandora Box Leather Clutch, Gold Apple Watch, Black Choker, and Gold Accessories. 

Ethan Is Trying As Hard As Possible To Beat The Heat, His Above The Knee Shorts Will Definitely Achieve His Goal. Ethan Features A Classic Black and White Adidas Original Shirt, Above The Knee Distressed Shorts, Metallic Silver Sneakers, With Silver Accessories. 

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