NEW MUSIC: Lomel – It’s Over


Lomel takes the breakup song in different directions with “It’s Over”

Massachusetts artist Lomel’s pain over a real-life breakup is tangible on his new track. “It’s Over” cuts straight to the heart lyrically, eschewing pretty sentimentality for the reality of divorce. Lomel sings about how amazing the relationship was while it lasted while also making no secret of the fact that even once-loving couples can come to detest the sight of each other, which rings true because of how real it is.

When speaking of the song, Lomel says, “I wrote this song thinking about the relationship me and my ex-wife had and how it’s all over now… I wanted to make sure anybody else going through something similar could relate.” The song reflects this desire, with production by Ian Christian that merges melancholic piano with soaring strings, all underscored by a strong beat, perfectly completing the way Lomel’s voice oscillates from melancholic yearning to serious confession. This is the perfect song to put on when thinking about a broken relationship. Lomel might want to help listeners move on, but “It’s Over” proves that he’s a musician people should stick around for.

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