Magdalena Bay by Kate Biel 2019 1(1).jpegAfter a hugely successful 2018, L.A. duo Magdalena Bay return with another shimmering dose of synth-led pop in the form of their anti-money disco jam ‘Money Lover’. Having taken the blog world by storm with their last single ‘Ghost’, which reached #1 on the Hype Machine Popular Chart, and ‘The Girls’ which received praise from the likes of DIY Magazine among others, Mica and Matthew look to build into the new year with their classy brand of dreamy pop.

The latest cut delves into a world of romance driven by money – “You’re trying to show it all off / You’re like a big shot, so what? / Please understand I don’t care / I’m not a money lover” sings Mica, a nod towards a more wholesome view on love and relationships. Delivered on top of a seductive 80s production, Mica’s tender vocals shine through with a charm and charisma that you could expect from a Gwen Stefani or early Ed Banger record.

Speaking on the track they state; “With Money Lover, we wanted to write an anthem for people who aren’t into lavish displays of wealth,” they explain. “There are so many songs that glorify being mega rich and we (unfortunately) don’t relate to that. So we made this fun anti-money disco jam. Narratively, it tells the story of a guy who tries to win Mica over with his daddy’s yacht and luxury vacation pics– but she’d never trade in her Birkenstocks for Balenciaga.”

The duo began writing together in high school and started making pop as Magdalena Bay in 2016 and draw their inspiration from retro pop songwriting and contemporary production– the result has been a collection of upbeat and synth-driven singles. The band bring retro aesthetics into the contemporary era, mixing 80’s and 90’s music-making and style with contemporary songwriting and production. From Madonna and Britney to Grimes, Charli XCX and beyond, they’re influenced by artists who make fun and clever pop; pop of the past, and pop of the future. Tired of hearing sad songs on the radio, Magdalena Bay are here for fun.

Magdalena Bay will play Neon Gold Records’ Popshop at The Echo in LA on February 13th with Evalyn and IDER. Tickets available from

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