NEW TUNE: Ron Gerald – Inevitable Sin

Inevitable Sin hi-res
Queens, NY native Ron Gerald releases “Inevitable Sin.” Written and produced by Ron himself, the serene song is a story that speaks to the unforeseen long term affects of infidelity. In the story, a woman displays an unwillingness to turn a blind eye to temptations brought her way by a particular person despite being pregnant at the time of their fling. The last verse alludes to the inevitable sin the unborn child would grow up to commit due to learning while in the womb how wrongdoings create immense pleasure.
“With this song I wanted to delve into possible reasons as to why people cheat that lay outside of commonly assumed reasons such as a lustful attraction to someone outside of the union or dissatisfaction with a current mate. The last verse sums up one way as to how said behaviors could be born,” explains Ron.

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