NEW TUNES: Vineyard Cries – “Wolf”

Option_3.jpegLondon-based hip-hop artist/producer Vineyard Cries emerges onto the scene with his compelling and provocative debut release ‘Wolf’. 

With inspirations ranging from the likes of Noel Gallagher to Bob Dylan, the 24 year-Old’s distinct and authoritative style immediately points to a young artist brimming with style and ambition. A predatory and neurotic inner-city mentality crossed with classic hop-hop grounding and a flair for melody make this one of the most interesting emerging acts coming out of Britain right now.

Growing up in a single-parent household with a mother who worked long hours, Vineyard Cries spent much of his childhood with a Cameroonian family living above him, allowing the young rapper to discover a radically different culture and the true meaning of committed family life. 

A fascination for psychology led VC to become a mental health support worker at 21, before going on to train as a nurse. A near-death experience however would shake this seemingly normal life to demand more: boarding a flight to Brazil with just the Berghaus jacket on his back and a pair of Reebok classics on deck, VC would live in the country’s notorious favelas for a year before coming back to make music.

Out of this crucible of experiences, ‘Wolf’ emerges as an exciting, compelling debut mixing gritty realism with the kind of melodic prowess that raises eyebrows. Engineered by Prash Mistry (Jorja Smith, Wretch 32), Vineyard Cries’ evokes a rare, immediate vividness that defines him immediately against the backdrop of Britain’s thriving urban scene.

Speaking on the track, VC states: “’Wolf’ rips to shreds our perspective on society. The song turns the need for ‘great expectations’ inside-out. ‘The pauper on the corner is richer than you’”

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