SONG OF THE DAY: “Millennial Man” by Rodd.D

20968036_262688480902786_994728048_o.jpgHailing out of South Carolina, Rodd.D returns with raging; self-produced single “Millennial Man”. Serving as the last single for his upcoming album “11:59 PM”, “Millennial Man” adds yet another dynamic to the all-around sound driven by Rodd.D. On this canvas, Rodd.D paints the dark picture of the millennial (Born after 1984). In a skit(not featured on single) on the album version, he expresses his rageful remorse on wanting simply “money and peace”, while we, the millennial are accused of everything wrong with the world today. While we are accused of being things such as selfish, lazy and entitled, Rodd.D brings us into the world of the raging millennial mind simply expressing the yearning for “light and peace”.

If you haven’t  heard Rodd.D’s new song click play below and find out why it’s Chant Magazine‘s Song of the Day.

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