Fashion Weekly 

As Friday marks the beginning of the weekend, let’s start it off strong. We need to have plans in action and outfits ready or at least in thought. So to inspire your weekend looks, two outfits have been pieced together. One Men and One Women. 

Jackie is Jackie, she gives so much sass in all of her looks and always makes sure to add a million drops of spice into it as well. Jackie’s look is perfect for any event this weekend. She features a rouge silk crepe top, dark denim high waist jeans, metallic gold platform, ghost clutch, black retro choker with gold accessories. 

Josh is definitely somewhat of a trend follower, with The Rolling Stones shirt and biker jeans, he’s that guy that’s always on what’s trending. Josh’s look is great for all after 12am events. His look features a Rolling Stones distressed tee, light wash biker jeans, Rick Owens tech runners, tan backpack, with gold accessories. 

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