Fashion Weekly 

As we all know June is the month of pride and beginning of summer, Two things we all look forward to each year. Making fashion statements is a must for both. The two looks, one women and one men will get you prepared. 

Izzy! Izzy loves to make simple statements, she’s always comfy but still makes everyone she walks past stare and approach. Izzy features a dark tan open back mini dress, Ace flower sneakers, off white clutch, rose gold flower blossom earrings, stainless steel rose gold watch and a rose engraved choker. 

Isiah! Isiah will always be the guy that everyone can’t stop glancing at, his style is effortless, bold and is always different from everyone else’s. Isiah features a black and camel zip-neck knit tee, White distressed denim jeans, camel suede sneakers, white gold watch, diamond stud earrings and a pride multi color necklace.

Pieces similar to these can be found on 

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