Fashion Weekly 

Spring is giving us some really bi-polar weather these days, making us a little more cautious of our outfit choice. Since today is the beginning of the weekend and the weathers going to be decent, two looks have been created to inspire for this weekends escapades.

Gwin! Gwin is a very bold, semi-vintage person. She loves to step outside of the box knowing she will receive a bunch of wows.Gwin is featured in a olive front neck cut-out crop, medium wash vintage boyfriend jeans, yellow platform boots, a glam lock multi color glam bag, wavy gold bangle, and gold cone earrings. 

Gianni! Gianni is a very smooth guy, making statements with simple looks is something that he’s gifted in. Gianni features a olive green graphic slim fit tee, sim fit distressed jeans, powder blue low top sneakers, camp hat, with gold accessories. 
All pieces similar to these can be found and purchased at

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