Fashion Weekly 

Spring has brought us a lot of rain this year. Rain can sometimes leave us in a very lax but emotional stage throughout the day, but we must stay fashionable in rain just as we would any other day. The looks pieced together will definitely give you some ideas on how to stay way up on these rainy days. 

Felicia is a always on the move type of girl. During these rainy days she has to make sure to dress appropriate for the weather and her weekend links with friends. The long parka and rain boots will protect her from wind and rain. Felicia features a long parka style jacket, distressed high waisted skinny jeans, semi-flare graphic tee, water proof rain boots, denim chain shoulder bag, with “do not enter” enamel earrings and a velvet choker. 

Frankie doesn’t stand in the rain to long, he’s either hopping in his friends car or an uber. Frankie and the rain don’t mix he hates the way it makes his emotions rise, so he likes to keep the colors very neutral and the fit very comfy and simple. Frankie features a classic single breasted coat, cotton crew neck tee, straight leg ripped jeans, light weight camo sneakers, with a gold watch and bracelet. 

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