Fashion Weekly


Daisy is a girl that loves her hints of floral in all outfits. This Vintage TomGirl look is perfect for today’s brunch with mom, very respectful while being edgy and chic. Daisy features a Silk Rose Embellished Shirt, Ripped Loose-Fit Cropped Denim Jeans , Ankle Strap Pumps , Pink Velvet Choker, Light Rose Color Wallet and Small Pin Earrings.


Dylan, Dylan, Dylan he loves to wear his feelings. The Rose Printed Button Down, expresses the sincere love he gives mother 365 days a year. This look is perfect for tonight’s Mother Day dinner, being edgy-casual. Dylan features a Rose Printed Silk Shirt, Dark Slim Skinny Jeans, Mirror Eyes Backpack, Dark Tan Metallic Leather Sneakers, Gold Bracelet Watch, Gold Chain Bracelet and a Gold Band Ring.


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