Festival Season


The hippie counter-culture embedded in music festivals has shaped its essence and its fashion. Hippies founded communes and wore colorful clothing, embracing freedom of speech and expression. The culture often adopted artistic expression, sexual liberation, and the use of recreational drugs; which heavily influenced the way they dressed.

A culture that once rejected dominate culture has now become popularized and influencing a generation, decades after making its mark in the 60s and 70s. Freedom of expression and freedom of the self, are the key when deciding what to wear to music festivals.

At festivals, you can see people in face paint, hair rings and charms (more here), and colorful make up and clothing. Keeping in mind hours of walking and dancing comfortable shoes, portable and functional bags (more here), and sunglasses are essential! But remember almost anything is fair game!


Funky Prints

Statement Jewelry

Although music festivals like Coachllea, Made in America, and Lollapalooza have become  mainstream there are hundreds of music festivals to choose from, don’t overlook your local festivals.

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