giphy19The young star had quite a turbulent time with the label, but her performance at the inaugural Afropunk London festival last year was a affirmation of how much the young star still commands love and attention from fans and critics alike. Covered by THE FADER, i-D and CRACK MAGAZINE, Purple Ferdinand released her first EP of unreleased material since leaving the label to critical acclaim.
giphy20With the tastemaker press hailing Purple one of the most naturally captivating artists coming out of the UK since Sade, first comparisons prove accurate: there is an inherent pedigree, heart and allure seeping out of this, her first visual from her new EP; Purple’s playful yet seductive tones give a sophisticated, timeless sound that‘s been one sorely missed in the current wave of inner-city R&B.

Swirling through emotions from dreams not being what they seem, her life and loves, “Time” is a timely marker of the understated class of someone still so young in her career.

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