NEW EP: Scotty McFarlee releases T.W.I.C (The Wave Is Coming)

ffffJetpack-boomin Philly artist/songwriter Scotty Mcfarlee has been building up a noticeable buzz over the past year or so, partially thanks to NY Artist NO1DRUG for his contribution on Scotty’s most acclaimed song “Take Control,” on soundcloud when he reposted it on his page. Rapidly and climbing pass 15k plays right now.

Gaining interest from 300ent and KWL Management (Kevin Lyles’ company via social media to name a few. With putting out teasers on Instagram and Twitter of new music while featuring on other upcoming artists songs throughout the year. Scotty is finally ready to share his highly anticipated debut EP, with all production from rising super producer, Vizions. Which also arrives today as a surprise drop. All mixing and mastering comes from industry-elite engineer, Justin Miller of Slow Wave Audio.

With 4 records in total, this is just the, calm before the tsunami, to upcoming Wavy Vibes project with TBA!
Out now on Soundcloud will shortly also be on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and all other platforms.

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