New Music: Tora Kamanja talks about his new single “Pray”

9A15B9F0-6B80-4C19-A32A-9C65EB595812(1).pngFollowing the release of his debut single last year, the infectiously sunny Shower Song, Saudi born Tora Kamanja has announced the release of his first EP – Beginners Luck, out on February 24th. The EP will be preceded by the lead single taken from the album, Pray, out on January 20th.

The subtle yet funky acoustic-lead track flows along with Tora’s laid back voice, matched with the, positive and optimistic message of the song.

Tora splits his time between Saudi Arabia, Barcelona and London, and it’s this internationality he possesses that influences the sentiments of the song, crossing borders with a message of hope. Having left home at 15 and travelled the world, music has always been in the 23 year old’s blood.

Where you are from? What’s your alma mater?
I’m from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I went to school in many places for a bunch of things and graduated with a degree in Family Business Management.

artworks-000201345324-79xaf9-t500x500Can you talk about your newest projects & singles? Pray the single is out. We’re feeling good about it. Basically what Pray does is document the current political state of the world. Beginner’s Luck the EP is out 24th of February. It’s a vibe of music that sounds different and flows as a cohesive project. Worked with incredible talent like Liam Nolan, Paul Norris, Dylan Charbeneau, Rob Aitken, Aidan Glover and Stuart Hawkes making the project. It’s my debut and I’m pumped to tour it and connect people who like it. Where do you go to enjoy yourself or “turnup” (clubs, bars etc.)? I personally am more of a dive bar guy. I’ve been living away from home since I was 15 so I’ve paid my dues when it comes to clubs. If a place is not pretentious and is playing good hiphop I’ll be there. Who was the most pivotal support system for your career? The people I’m around. From family to musicians to the people in the background pulling the strings. Everyone plays a role. Any specific spaces/venues that you frequent to hear good live music? Lately I’ve been working more than going out. My favourite bar in Barcelona is a place called Les Gens Que J’aime. Good people, good music, wonderful vibes. Some of your favorite artists that you’ve worked with? What is your favorite genre of music to listen to? I can’t narrow it down to one genre. Good blues and old school soul and hiphop I can’t go wrong with. Ideal collaboration is with an artist i idolize. The ideal part comes when my idol is excited to work with me as well. That’s when I know things are happening.

Beginners Luck is the perfect introduction to Tora’s trademark sun drenched style. Listen to his new single “Pray” below:

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