Hip Hop: The New Style

As you all know Hip Hop music has been around for decades. As time goes on this style of music has altered to satisfy the needs of several different races and cultures.

David Hughes, now attending Neumann University, has always been a fan of early rap and that’s what inspires him today. He attended a studio session with his father for the first time when he was 7 years old and fell in love with the art ever since. David didn’t start writing his own music until he became more knowledgeable on how this specific industry works.  As David got older he began to create more, collaborate with other people outside his circle such as different producers and artists, and later down the line he released his first mix tape, Vintage. Followed by Vintage, David released Walking In The Dark, Edgewood, and The Kage Sig EP. Edgewood and The Kage Sig EP was produced by KRICH. 


With his new mix tape releasing in a few days, David continues to outshine the industry with his talent and creativeness. His new mixtape releasing February 25. 2017 features Dertesounds, who also co-wrote and co-produced the project. For more of his outstanding work follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud.


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