NEW ALERT: GOAN DOGS “Flying Business Class” (Sofar Sounds Session)

giphy10There’s a very real buzz over here with Bristol’s Goan Dogs – their unique Psychedelic-Folk sound and story-led, emotive take on alternative indie places them as one of the most exciting and intelligent emerging bands in the UK.

Their latest track ‘Flying Business Class’ hears the band’s boastful confession about giving a villain a taste of his own medicine, “skipping town” and going on the run. The truly unique story telling blended with a gorgeous, textured vocal harmonies envelops the listener into the their weird and wonderful world the very first word. Comparisons to a swaggering, psychedelic Fleet Foxes, Goan Dogs come snapping into 2017.

Flying Business Class is about leaving a situation behind. Being the bigger person and walking away. Mentally scot-free, whilst the reason you’re leaving has to clean up the mess they made and think about what they did… or it’s just a story about nicking some cash.”

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