C0BotljW8AEA4U5.jpg#Telema means “Stand Up” in Lingala, a Congolese language.
It is a global Congolese movement unfolding both in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in the Diaspora.

We hear about many injustices in the world but those that we often hear about the most are due to massive political campaigns. If I have reached out to you, I know you know our news is censored, what we see is what is permitted and curated.

You will not hear about the youth dedicated for a new society in Congo who are being killed, imprisoned and silenced RIGHT NOW.

President Joseph Kabila was assisted to power by western forces. His term has ended. He refuses to step down. The Congolese people, the youth and the future of Congo have started an uprising. They need our support.

Millions of Congolese live in crisis due to the amazing wealth of the country in resources EVERY single person in the world uses to improve our lives thru technology. Yet, Congolese continue to suffer for these resources – everybody takes them, They desire leadership that is NOT in bed with western forces that allows for the advancement and the self-determination of the Congolese people.

“Support the Congolese youth as they pursue lasting change in the D.R. . for news, hashtag info, contributions etc. 

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