San Diego Duo Trackwide Drops ‘Cheers’ Album With Album Trailer Video

After their critically acclaimed track “On My Mind” ft Gabriela Tristan picked up on  a host of sites across the internet, Trackwide (Mischif and Deuce iLL) drop their official project Cheers. The project features production by AbJo and rounds out what has been a major push for the two sunny So-Cal artists.

“In 2006 or 2007 in high school we started working on music but by 2007 and 2008 we were much more serious about it and began perfecting our craft.” Deuce iLL explained. “We come the from the South East side of the city where its more urban, but we’ve been all around so I feel like we are kind of giving the vibe of the whole town.

While they live on palm tree line lined streets, the reality of being a minority youth in America in 2016 is still real. Mischif and Deuce account for that in that in their music but they also find ways to create music for all places and times.  With origins in the backpack rap scene Trackwide prides itself on still being able to step outside the box with trap music, party music and

“The San Diego Hip-Hop scene is different out here man.  You got a lot of cats out here trying to do the same thing as everyone across the country, but you also have a lot of different scenes as well within that. You have the hipster scene, the trap rappers, backpack rappers,” Mischif added.  “We do a little bit of all of that, that’s what Trackwide stands for. Its like world-wide but we do all types of tracks.”

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