NEW VISUAL: Montreal producer Just Alex releases “Little Things” video featuring Yan Etchevary

Little Things Artwork.jpgCanadian singer, songwriter and producer Just Alex is one to watch for 2017, if his highly anticipated debut radio single ‘Little Things’ is anything to go by! The emerging Montreal-based musician is excited to unveil the accompanying new music video for his new ‘Little Things’ offering, which features fast-rising musician and fellow Canadian native Yan Etchevary.Serving as the first taste of what to expect from Just Alex and Yan Etchevary in 2017, ‘Little Things’ is a product of both musicians studying at the prestigious Campus Notre-Dame-De-Foy in 2011, with Alex subsequently honing his craft at Montreal’s famed Studio 270, and Etchevary garnering nearly 10 million Spotify plays on his last single ‘The Way You Want Me’ with Lucky Rose last year.giphy4Their excellent new offering ‘Little Things’ is a soulful life-affirming record, which is produced by Just Alex, and co-written with Yan Etchevary. Backed by glorious vocal melodies, lush drum arrangements, and an infectious chorus which will get you singing along, the record’s uncanny New Orleans’ vibe matches its hope-oriented theme, to deliver a beautifully unforgettable listening experience.giphy5Shot in the heart of Montreal, and directed by Julien Roy, the ‘Little Things’ video is about the love and joy that music can bring you. Purposefully shot in black and white to show the delicate balance between hustle and happiness, the visuals also capture a glorious gospel music element, without the cliché of a full choir.Just Alex & Yan Etchevary (New).jpgSpeaking about the ‘Little Things’ record and what it means to him, Just Alex says, “it is about being receptive to the little things in life, whether it be at the start of a relationship, or with a goal that you set yourself. However small and insignificant they may appear on their own, they’re what makes it a whole when put together”.

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