Trend Alert ! Embroidered Denim


          The 1960’s term,“flower power”, first coined by the counter-culture youth that came to be known as hippies is the driving force for this current trend. Hippies, known for their rebellion against conformity and strong advocacy for peace went beyond a lifestyle. It influenced fashion.  Embroidered denim is making its way back, and this time it doesn’t just stop with flared jeans.

Hippie’s would embroider designs on their jeans, add patches, and even paint messages on their clothing. Although designers like Gucci have taken on the trend it’s also on the high street with stores like Asos providing an affordable take on the trend. If you’re up for a good hunt there’s always the thrift store; or even taking on the trend yourself by customizing your denim to suit your personal style with the good old needle and thread to sew on some patches.

Embroidered Denim

FullSizeRender 2.jpg
Photo of NoteToChels wearing Missguided.

Missguided– $72

  Asos – $61                                                   Forever 21– $68

For your do it yourself project inspiration here’s an embroidery tutorial via @milicabegecki

Trends shouldn’t dictate how you dress for a season or even be a guideline to your life. Try one trend or even a few trends, the ones that speak to you can help you shape and find your personal style. Fashion and style is subjective so just have fun!

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