NEW VISUAL: “Foreign” by Mr. Narly


After garnering over 400k listens for the buzzing single, Mr. Narly finishes off 2016 strong by debuting the appropriately tropical new video for “Foreign.”
All may not be what it seems for the Florida-born, Virginia-raised artist, who seemingly washes up alone on a stunning shoreline. Upon exploring the island, he comes across a bikini-clad beauty who supplies Narly with the necessary hydration (grapes and ice-cold water, of course) and all-too-important company.
But is it all a dream fueled by dehydration? You’ll have to figure that out for yourself. What we do know is that the super-catchy, Ave McRae-produced banger is the perfect soundtrack for these high-def visuals from director Brent Mendoza (Mic-Lo, Mike B). Additionally, the video is sponsored by the water brand Ounce Water, which aims to ensure folks are getting their 80 oz of water per day.
Peep the visual, and be sure to support the track, which is now available on all major digital retailers and streaming platforms.

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