NEW MUSIC: Meet ‘Atlas Hugged’

Envision a boa constrictor coiling around the subconscious, provoking existential thinking and through a tight straining grip, a burst of love gushes out of the ugly pimple that is self doubt, angst, and conformity. Atlas Hugged lead vocalist Drew Blincow, sets into play a poetic arrangement of raw sound that comes from a place of personal experience and makes one ponder “what is all of this for ?” She tears away, metaphorically, the systematic association between numbers and people, stating ” I can’t be sold on what I’m worth; What’s the price on your soul?” on the track titled “Money”.


Whilst administering a more personal, euphoric experience on the song “The Big Apple [‘New York’]” ,any New Yorker or big city dweller may relate to the connectivity one shares with the bright lights and finding yourself in the beautiful chaos. Currently residing in Spokane, WA this duo titled Atlas Hugged came onto the scene with a warm embrace for originality with one clear message: to spread love and see what evolves from the poetry they create.With sophomore album ” Shed My Skin” approaching its release in February, a tour seems to be under way for the earthy duo Drew Blincow and Mike Amaro.
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The couple are seen as soulful and so innovative lyrically that it is hard not to crack a smile from the live comical banjo playing and the “happy feels” that a local audience at the Deep End on 1st avenue undoubtedly associates with the artists. A Kickstarter has been put in place to support the tour and merchandise. Let this folk/ Indie band become the new motivator to think outside the box and love all for this time of adversity. Owning that poetry within music is not a myth.

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