NEW TUNE: Ashoka’s “Scary Hours”

artworks-000191469857-4sy4r5-t500x500Back with his new single “Scary Hours,” Ashoka is on one hell of a roll. With his last single “Liar, Liar” ( reaching 31.5K plays in under 2 weeks, and his previous single “Summer’s Over Freestyle” ( reaching 21. 3K in a month, Ashoka is gaining more and more traction with each release. “Scary Hours” is a high energy track that demonstrates Ashoka’s ability to write a memorable hook, and switch the flow up instantaneously. With a ton of new content on the way, Ashoka will be releasing music every couple of weeks until the release of his debut Album. Make sure you check out some of his old releases and follow him on social media for more updates on new releases and more. You can also catch him live in Brooklyn at @PaperboxNYC (17 Meadow St, BK, NY) on Nov 10th alongside Case Arnold and Tim Gent.

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