Here’s Your Chance to Win Tickets to #TrapOrTreat in NYC!


As we all know, there’s NEVER enough Halloween parties! We figured we’d add #TrapOrTreat to your Halloween to-do list. Your trick-or-treat days may be over, but we all party! We all TURN UP! No difference here. Get a ticket. Get a costume…or don’t…and arrive early! Dope music performances, live art, music, food, drink specials and a whole lot more. October 27th will be the first of many #TrapOrTreat’s. Purchase tickets here.

Here at Chant Magazine, we are running a #TrapOrTreat ticket giveaway. If you are looking to attend this year’s festivities, tweet us (@ChantMagazine) with the hashtag #ChantTrapOrTreat. Yep that’s all! We’ll be looking at all our entries, so keep tweeting us to up your chances to win.


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