NEW EP: “Babies” by Moses Mosima

babies.pngPhiladelphia native Moses Mosima delivers his Babies EP. The 8-track debut effort finds the 20-something delivering a statement about the fragility of the base emotions we as humans share at birth: love, hurt, anger, and fear. Self-produced in its entirety, the rapper-singer reverts listeners back to what times were like when simplicity took the lead.
Moses Mosima is an artist/producer based out of Philadelphia. Moses, being a first-generation American, has a widely eclectic sound with family roots in Cameroon and the Phillipines and inspirations ranging from Stevie Wonder to the Beach Boys. At 19 years old he dropped out of St. Johns College in Queens New York to pursue music full time with independent Philadelphia artist collective, Highest Basement Collective (HBC). Now 21, he is beginning to release and perform the material he has been working on over the past 2 years.
Showcasing unrushed and pleasing vocals, he brings a timeless feel that never sounds forced, but rather blessedly and easy. Tying in themes of paranoia and lust, Babies is as an audio exploration of vulnerability and overtness–a testament to the 18 years spent staining the blank-slate to make this project. Overall the project stands as a final farewell to childhood.


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