NEW TUNE:“Shower Song” by Tora Kamanja

Tora K 2(1).png
Shower Song, the debut from Saudi born Tora Kamanja, is an infectious summer melody. A tale of love and sunshine, Shower Song is the perfect introduction to 23-year-old Tora who mixes a reggae flavour with some killer guitar licks.

Splitting time between Saudi Arabia, Barcelona and London, Tora’s music is internationally versed in unanimous sentiments that cross borders and languages. Tora shares the swag of Bruno Mars, and bathes in the laid back vibes of Jason Mraz. Having left home at 15 and travelled the world, music has always been in his DNA. showersong“Shower Song is about the butterflies/fireworks phase of a relationship”, Tora explains, “a feeling like you don’t need anything else but that person. Letting go of everything and just stepping into the shower together”.

Recorded at London’s famous Metropolis Studios earlier this year, Shower Song is the perfect introduction to Tora’s trademark sun drenched style. Expect an EP later this year.


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