NEW VIDEO: ‘Lets Lurk’ by 67 ft. Giggs

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:MissKitty:Downloads:67 Cover.jpgThe original UK Drillaz, ‘67’ have just made a double announcement of their first UK tour and the release date for their forthcoming mixtape ‘Let’s Lurk’.

Known as one of the rawest crews in UK rap, the south Londoners have become infamous in a short space of time, gatecrashing UK music’s commercial landscape and gaining a mass following online that is evident by their YouTube view count soaring in to the millions on each of their video releases and the tens of thousands of followers that are reactive to their every word across social networks. Compared to the likes of Section Boyz and Stormzy due to the similarities of their rapid ascents in to the media, that is where the similarities end and the authenticity of 67 shines through.


 Their sound is an “unfiltered collision of Chiraq Drill, UK street slang and London road politics” (Complex),  defined by its dark, grim, lyrical content and ominous trap-influenced beats and has got music platforms worldwide talking.

 Released in early 2016, street anthem, ‘Let’s Lurk’, featuring rap lord Giggs (, provides the title and the first insight to the 18-track tape due for release on the 09th September. Highly supported ‘Traumatized’ (, released last month, is also present on the tracklist and now 67 prepare to unleash a tsunami of previously unheard audio and unseen visuals that are set to make ‘Lets Lurk’ a future classic.

Groundbreaking in every move that they’ve made so far, ‘Lets Lurk’ is expected to see an equally impressive claim for major celebration.

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