Following his debut single “Crazy”, Damar Jackson releases his latest mixtape “Ninety3Until”. Adding a twist to some of his favorite songs, the mixtape features covers of tracks originally performed by Donell Jones, Lucy Pearl and PARTYNEXTDOOR to name a few. “Ninety3Until” also features his original track “Crazy”. Damar told the press recently in an interview:

“Ninety3Until is a project that I put together to remind people what R&B really is, musically and lyrically.  Musically I wanted to give you what I had in the 90’s mixed with what we have today. Lyrically it puts you in a place to where you can relate to my situations even if you haven’t experienced them yourself, but most people have. My album “Naked” will definitely enlighten you more but for now it’s #Ninety3Until”

Ninety3Until is exactly what has been missing from modern day music. Damar Jackson displays the full extent it takes to be a well versed R&B singer. The singer shows his ability to do high energy songs as well as classic R&B demonstrations. He seems to make every cover his own.

Showing his knowledge of a good two step, “Dance” is a laid-back get along good song.  “Good Thang” is the slow track for the R&B lovers out there. Of all the nine tracks “Come & See Me First” is a favorite.

Collectively the mixtape really showcases Jackson’s knowledge of R&B and it’s past and current state. This body of work would be a great addition to any R&B listeners playlist. Damar Jackson is the perfect blend between 90’s R&B and modern day Urban Contemporary.

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