adonis po7

“In a world where everyone is riding waves, Adonis and his party of 7 are on a quest to stop the MADNESS. Fake designer belts and pill poppers are his motivation for his mission.”

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avatars-000224431960-i0olkq-t500x500South Jersey’s young contender, Teddy Hinson just released Adonis: Party Of 7. The project has an impressive eighteen tracks to create the Teddy Hinson experience. The mixtape is intimate in sorts to a friendship with his audience. Hinson creates quite the scene in some of the snippets & cameos on the album. The music is obscurely eerie, the hip hop meeting electronica and synth creates sounds familiar to fans of the acid genre. Strong elements of trance vibes and odd tempos seem to compliment the rapper on songs like Ticket To Heaven & Just GoAdonis: Party Of 7 is a full odyssey, the music is progressive and shows the personality of Ted, as he transits through his story-line. Tracks like Uber and Cash At feature slower dub heavy beats & Lil Wayne beat samples. The dark rap approach with corky word play adds to the many charms of Teddy Hinson’s music. Of all the songs “Trapped In The Closet” is Chant’s most loved. In the R.Kelly spinoff, Hinson allows the listener to really hear how he can set up a situation for the audience. The young rapper comes from a space of hurt man catching his girl cheating. The scenario is such as a cinematic sketch but at the same time a classic idea. With poetic brawn,Teddy Hinson has shown his creative approach to the rap genre. Listen to the EP below:


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Adonis Party Of 7
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