#UNDERRATED: Black Heart$ (The Manefistation) by BMAC THE QUEEN

black heart Probably one of the most underrated lyricist, BMAC THE QUEEN, has released a solid effort for 2016 with the EP:  Black Heart$ (The Manifestation). The conscious queen released a six track mixtape that is nothing but excellence from start to finish. BMTQ is creating a new lane for artist like her. Touching on topics like internalized misogyny, homophobia, same sex realizations, anti black protesters and her all around haters, she makes it a point to leave no topic unaddressed.

Holding the richest messages are her songs “Backward Beauty” & “Life” while hitting a sweet spot with “Take Care Ma“. The rapper, songwriter & singer features her heartbreaks & tribulations of a relationship with the song “Have It“. The most notable of the set is the opening track “The STORY”, which features her realization of self love & support. Listen to BMAC THE QUEEN self empowering soliloquy below:

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