Fashion: “Wevlth” by Wevlth Wrecking Crew


Chant Magazine had a chance to catch up with the crew behind the brand, “Wevlth,” to talk about their brand their new release happening this Friday, February 12th. Make sure to cop up and check out the interview below!

Who are you guys? Tell us about yourselves….

“We’re just some young ambitious kids from a neighborhood called Hamilton Hill in Schenectady, NY. Known as the end of the road to some, the environment we live in can make or break one. We formed a brotherhood that goes way beyond the clothing line. We stay out the mix, worry about ourselves and what we have going on. We found an outlet in the clothing industry and it helps keep our mind of all the violence surrounding us. The thing that separates us from the pack is our creativity and mentality. We really believe you were born to be something great and have an impact on the world. People just want to live life on this earth and let time go by doing nothing. We’re trying change lives.”

How did the brand “Wevlth” all come together?

“Well first things first Penny came up with name Wevlth. He would post pictures and use it as his caption. At the time being it didn’t have a real meaning but it was just something different and eye catching. It later developed a meaning which is “Wisdom Elevates All Living Through Hopelessness.””

So one of the hats you’ve dropped says “I want to die ill.” What does that mean? What’s you guys’ definition of “ill”?

“At first glance it may be taken the wrong way. When we say we want to die ill we don’t mean the familiar term for it, as in sick, we mean as the realist to ever do it. Our definition of ill is to be legendary or godlike. Thinking highly of yourself, keeping it real with yourself.”

Our generation is full of people that want to stay in competition with each other and not supporting each other most of the time. Your brand however got a lot of love from your town and social media. Is this a surprise or was it expected?

“Yeah it was surprising at first, it was kind of unreal. Everywhere you look somebody is rocking your hat or throwing up W’s. It means a lot at the end of the day and we appreciate all of the support. Going to different places and people saying nothing but great things about your brand is cool as hell, as well as different brands wanting to collaborate with us as soon as we got started. We’re showing everyone from our neighborhood that there is different ways to get money and make a living as long as you strive for it & people remind us all the time how much they admire us. It’s a great feeling. However, there’s always going to be those who aren’t on your so much, but you just can’t let them get to you.”

Do you guys plan on branching out with other products?

“We definitely have more ill items dropping. Soon to come, we’re going to start releasing shirts, hoodies, jackets, etc. You’ll probably hear some music, see our photography and/or modeling pictures. As well as the set doing they thing in sports.”

If you could send your hats to any celebrities, who would it be and why?

“A$AP Rocky has to be at the top of the list, just cause he’s one of our biggest influences. He made it cool to dress however you want. Big fashion icon. As well as others like Pharrell, Wale, & Kid Cudi. The list can go on but that’s just a couple of people that seem like they would understand the movement.”

The next Wevlth launch is this Friday, February 12… What new hats can we expect from you guys? 

“Our next release is ‘Valentines Day’ edition. We tend to release hats on major holidays that we can gather a concept for. What to expect? Ya’ll are going to have to stay tuned.”

Your brand is constantly growing, whats next for Wevlth? Where you see the brand in 5 years?

“Just to get better at what we do with clothing, and to change the culture.”

Think you’re ill enough for a Wevlth hat? Make sure to check out their site! and lookout for their release this Friday!
Twitter & Instagram: @Wevlth| Facebook: Wevlth

3 thoughts on “Fashion: “Wevlth” by Wevlth Wrecking Crew

  1. I am so proud of these young men. I hope that they reach their highest goals with this brand. I am a very proud parent of zekiel beckford. Thank all of you for your support of these young men. GOD BLESS.


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